Friday, July 12, 2024

Mission 025 Report – Army Swap!

Congratulations to Piotr for being chosen by WHEEL OF NAMES!!!!! .com, and thank you to all of our respondents for writing in with battle reports and their thoughts this month!


I couldn’t find an opponent to swap armies, but I played with an army I had never played and I’m painting for N4: Morats.I had already played Rodoks and Suryats on some Onix lists, so I included the troops I hadn’t played:

Sogarat LT with AP HMG: I picked that one because, after using lieutenants aggressively in the previous mission, I wanted to use it fearless. Morat rule is amazing 🙂 I don’t know who may use non aggressive lieutenants playing Morats….

fireteam: Oznat + Raktorak + Pretas. Cheap DZ protection + smoke launcher + Redfury. I moved it to the middle of the table and was really annoying for my opponent, who spent a lot of orders to get rid of it.

Zerats: I used BS+Grenade and Combi+LFT profiles, both with mines. I liked both because, although they only have mimetism, they can annoy enemy’s deployment or grouped troops

Daturazi: they’re more expensive than Morlocks or Jaguars, but they are beasts. Martial Arts L4 for burst 2 and regular grenades were a nice addition for a warband!

Kurgat: Boarding Shotgun profile. Not only an engineer but a deployment zone protector with his BS and mines

Regards, Victor


Piotr (Tcional)

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